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You can forget a dual-cab ute, but Cupra still has something special up its sleeve...

Cupra has said no to utes, but yes to something exciting. (Image: superrenderscars)

Cupra might have rejected the idea of creating its own ute based on the Volkswagen Amarok, but the new-to-Australia brand says it will make up for it in what could be a far more exciting way.

Cupra’s global CEO, Wayne Griffiths, says utes simply don't fit the brand's fun and funky ethos – and that includes both the Ranger-twinned Amarok and the VW Group's US Scout electric pick-up brand – but has teased a high-performance future that will be music to ears of the brand's Australian fans.

In fact, the brand's global CEO teased a new sports car that "you would like in Australia", suggesting that a high-performance model is more in keeping with Cupra's identity than anything with a tray at the rear.

"(Utes are) not a priority of Cupra at the moment. If we are to do new models on top of the range that we've got then those new models have to allow us access into real global markets, such as the USA, or do something very, very special for our brand," Mr Griffiths says.

"And so if we were to do different cars, it would be cars that are in line with our brand and our brand DNA, and therefore, if there are additional cars or new models, I would bet on a sports car, for instance."

While Mr Griffiths wouldn't be drawn on further details, the executive did joke that "a nice sports car from Cupra" would go some way to making up for its no-ute stance in Australia.

"Which you like in Australia as well, by the way – I know you like sports cars as well. Sorry I can't do a ute, but there may be at some point in the future the chance of a nice sports car from Cupra."

When it's coming and exactly what form it will take are yet to be revealed, but if the company's global chief is betting on it happening, then we will, too.

It will also almost certainly be an electric offering, with the incoming Terramar SUV to be its last internal combustion vehicle as its shift to a fully electric brand by 2030.

"By 2030 Cupra will fully electric, the last car in there with a combustion engine will be the Terramar," Griffiths says.

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