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Macau crash: Driver survives 270km/h F3 collision

Is this the most unbelievable motorsport crash ever caught on camera? Crowds watching the Formula 3 race at the Macau Grand Prix on the weekend were left in shock when 17-year-driver Sophia Floersch flew off the track and into a photography bunker at an incredible speed.

The German driver was at the wheel of her Van Amersfoort Racing car when a collision with a wall and a fellow driver cause her to fly so high off the track her vehicle cleared the safety barrier completely.

The incredible speed of the accident left onlookers horrified, certain they had just witnessed a racing fatality, but the young driver was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with a spinal fracture. She has since tweeted that she was recovering and preparing for surgery.

“Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into surgery tomorrow morning,” she wrote. “Thanks to everybody for the supporting messages. Update soon.”

Later analysis revealed she had clipped a car at one of the fastest areas of the track, then colliding with a curb and launching over a competitor’s car and off the track. Speed data shows she was travelling at 276km/h when the accident occurred.

Ferrari driver Guan Yu Zhou was behind Floersch when the crash unfolded, describing it as a “scary moment”.

“It was such a scary moment,” she said. “Sophia was really close to Jehan, so when Jehan braked early she had no time to react. She hit Jehan’s right-rear, and that spun her around straight into Lisboa (corner), and she flew into the other car."

Four others were also hospitalised following the crash, including the driver of the car that Floersch collided with, a race marshal and two photographers.

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