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Toyota's HiLux and Ford's Ranger better watch out! SsangYong confirms 2024 electric ute with help from BYD

SsangYong’s electric ute will make it to production with help from BYD. (Image: Tung Nguyen)

SsangYong, now known as KG Mobility, will put a mass-market electric pick-up into production in the latter half of 2024, following the announcement of a “close technical partnership” with China’s BYD.

According to the release, battery packs will continue to be produced in Korea for the upcoming Torres EVX, as well as SsangYong’s new battery electric pick-up due for production next year.

It is presently unclear if this is a new-generation Musso, but SsangYong showed off a 0100 concept at this year’s Seoul Mobility Show that borrows heavy styling cues from the Torres mid-size SUV.

Details are scant on SsangYong’s all-electric ute, but BYD is already making waves with its first ute due to arrive in Australia soon with 20,000 expressions of interest in the new model.

BYD has confirmed its ute will arrive first as a plug-in hybrid, followed by an all-electric model around 12 months later.

Interestingly, the agreement between BYD and KG Mobility will also see the expansion of the latter’s hybrid offerings, the first of which will debut on the Torres in 2025, as well as plug-in hybrid technology for future models.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at BYD Group headquarters in Shenzhen, China, KG Mobility Charman Kwak Jae-seon said the deal with the Chinese electric car specialist (who also produces batteries for the likes of Tesla and Toyota) would help expand its portfolio in the EV era.

“We anticipate that this expanded cooperation with BYD will strengthen our electric vehicle line-up, including the Torres EVX, KR10, and F100, while reorganizing our product range to focus on eco-friendly vehicles,” he said.

“This includes introducing a dedicated electric vehicle platform and launching hybrid products.”

The KR10 and F100 Jae-seon mentioned are both rugged SUVs aimed at the Ford Bronco and Toyota FJ Cruiser respectively, and were also on show at March’s Seoul Mobility Show.

Meanwhile, KG Mobility CEO Jeong Yong-won said the agreement with BYD has helped secure SsangYong’s future.

“By expanding the line-up of eco-friendly vehicles through cooperation with BYD for the joint development of next-generation hybrids, KG Mobility has laid a strong foundation for more stable growth,” he said.

“This collaboration is especially significant as it allows us to secure future competitiveness by ensuring a stable supply of core components and developing new vehicles with cutting-edge electrical/electronic integration technologies.”

Here in Australia, SsangYong plans for its Torres EVX to hit local showrooms in the second half of next year, preceded by the petrol mid-size SUV earlier in 2024.