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Toyota's brutal LC300 "pledge": Land Cruiser 300 Series buyers forced to sign strict contract before taking delivery - and they'll ban you from future cars if you break it

Toyota LC300 shoppers have been forced to sign a contract banning resale.

Toyota in Japan is asking its customers to sign a LC300 contract that bans the export and resale of the new LandCruiser 300 Series, as the brand reportedly tries to stop the vehicle falling into the wrong hands.

It's no secret that the LandCruiser 200 Series was popular right across the Middle East, and that includes with certain less-than-desirable groups, and there's clearly a fear the new LC300 will prove the same with the latter.

Interest is sky-high for the LC300 in Japan, with reports the new model has attracted more than 22,000 pre-orders before the vehicle is even officially on sale.

And there are worries inside Toyota that some of those customers are being opportunistic, with a plant to re-sell their vehicle for a profit if and when stock becomes tight on the LC300, much like what happened in the dying days of the LC200 in Australia and around the world.

And so the brand has issued its potential customers with a strict buyers contract that outlaws reselling the vehicle, and outlaws exporting it to international markets, flagging the threat to "global security".

"Customers have confirmed that this is not a purchase for "export" or "resale" purposes," the 'pledge' reads, before listing the following confirmation items required before the sale is completed.

  • I will not export or resell the ordered vehicle.
  • I understand that if I make a mistake with the previous item, (Toyota) may suspend future transactions after the discovery.

Worryingly, the pledge doesn't specify how long the resale ban in is in place, or how long a sales ban from Toyota more broadly might last.

The news comes as Australia has officially launched its expressions of interest site for the LC300, but so far there has been no sign of a similar pledge making it to Australia.

The new LC300 will be powered by a new 3.3-litre V6 twin-turbo-diesel that generates a sizeable 227kW and 700Nm. The petrol version, where a new and powerful 3.5-litre V6 petrol produces 305kW and 650Nm, is not expected to make it to Australia.

Toyota in Australia is still targeting a Q3/Q4 launch in Australia for the LC300, with pricing and specification details for our market to be revealed closer to the official launch.