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Toyota wants a 'big truck' for Australia

The Toyota Tundra is already sold in Australia through conversion houses, but the brand wants a factory-built RHD model.

Toyota Australia already has the number-one selling ute in the market, but there's an appetite for an even bigger pick-up to be part of the mix here.

The company has expressed a strong interest in having the larger Tundra model sold in Australia. The Tundra, which is made in the US and runs a thumping 5.7-litre V8 engine, is a minnow in that market compared to the likes of the Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F Series, but like those other models, you can buy a right-hand drive version in Australia if you're willing to stump up big bucks.

There are versions of each of the aforementioned larger vehicles being converted to RHD and sold locally, but it seems more likely that Toyota would wait until a generation change for the Tundra before seriously considering adding it to the Australian range - meaning it would need to be a factory-built RHD vehicle, not a conversion job like the popular Ram 1500 ute.

Toyota Australia director of sales and marketing, Sean Hanley, said the company's position on a larger truck hasn't changed - it's still of interest.

"We're constantly studying that market, we're constantly interested in it. We have no confirmed plans at all to discuss today, but it's something we continue to study," said Mr Hanley.

The HiLux may be a big seller, but buyers want an even bigger ute. The HiLux may be a big seller, but buyers want an even bigger ute.

"Do we have an interest? Of course we do!" he said, before making it clear that it isn't like a switch you can simply turn on. It's a balance of market demand and availability, among other factors.

"These are the things we're working through all the time. Market size, trends in the future - all of these things are deeply important. CO2 standards going forward, that's deeply important. There's a lot of range of diverse considerations in our market," Mr Hanley said, intimating that the next-generation version will likely add a hybrid drivetrain, which could help push it over the line for Aussie consumption.

Indeed, the next-generation of Tundra is reportedly set to share its underpinnings with the HiLux and Tacoma, as those models enter their next cycles.

"The next decade will see significant movement in the auto industry in Australia and indeed around the world. These are all things we have to study," he said, before reiterating the brand would like to see a larger ute, but there's nothing confirmed as yet.

"Are we interested? Yes. Do we have a plan? Do we have a firm production date? No we don't," he said.

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