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This electric car from China boasts breakthrough tech: 2025 IM L6 to use semi solid state batteries to eclipse the BYD Seal performance and rival the Audi e-tron GT for just $100k

The IM L6 packs breakthrough tech.

The IM Motors L6 sedan is the first production electric car to use semi solid state batteries and its full, frankly astounding, statistics have been revealed at its China release. 

The massive 133kWh semi solid battery pack isn’t on sale now – it’ll arrive in October – provides a claimed 1000km of driving range in the CTLC protocol (equivalent to around 800km WLTP) and 400km of range added in 12 minutes of charging are very enticing. 

It’s not just big batteries, with SAIC-owned and Alibaba-backed IM Motors (a peer of MG) also touting its ‘Digital Lizard’ active chassis technology that got the sedan through the ‘Moose Test’ swerve and recover manoeuvre at 90.96km/h, faster than any other vehicle on record. The IM L6’s test results can’t be considered official, though.

Popularised by Swedish outlet Teknikens Varld, the ISO standard stipulates the test must be completed with a full complement of passengers and luggage on board to be considered valid. The 1997 Citroen Xantia Activa’s 85km/h effort remains on top for now. 

IM’s active suspension tech is interesting though, said to offer ‘three axes’ of control including vertical (though there’s no literature to say it uses air springs). It appears to have active anti-roll bars, four-wheel steering and ESP functions integrated into a module said to aid response, stability and manoeuvrability – you can watch it in action here

Single and twin motor variants of the IM Motors L6 will be offered in China with a range-topping L6 Max Super Performance variant features a 100kWh battery and twin ‘Hurricane’ motors for 579kW/800Nm, a 0-100km/h sprint in 2.74 seconds and Audi e-tron GT-beating top speed of 268km/h thanks to IM’s 21,000rpm motor speed.

A visual illustration of the L6's chassis tech.

To give some context to the IM L6’s figures, here is how it stacks up against a BYD Seal sedan.

At 4.9 metres long it’s bigger and pitched as a more luxurious option than the Seal - a BMW i5 M60 rival really – but this should help illustrate its figures. 

SpecificationIM Motors L6 Max Super PerformanceBYD Seal Performance
Driving range (CLTC)780km650km
Price in China (converted to AUD)$63,700$60,800

The L6 Max Lightyear will launch later with a 900V architecture and 133kWh semi solid state battery supplied by Qingtao (Kunshan) Energy Development Group.

IM Motors is planning a European launch in 2025 with ambitions to compete with luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

It's more than speed and range, the L6's tech is wild too.

Australian plans are unclear but MG Australia, who would be the natural importer of the SAIC-owned IM brand, has shown an interest in the sedan and LS6 medium SUV previously as a Tesla Model Y rival. 

“The process is quite a complex process around why a specific variant is selected or not selected, so as we do with all our range, we will proactively work with our engineers locally and internationally as well as product, marketing, sales teams, dealer network and customer feedback to understand and cater our offering to their ongoing needs and wants", an MG spokesperson said.  

Taking into account shipping, taxes and margins (rather than direct conversion), it’s possible the L6 line-up could be priced from around $70K for a long range single motor variant with the flagship 133kWh ‘Lightyear’ potentially under $100K if it does arrive.

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