Toyota Fun-Vii changes colour and pattern

28 November 2011

Toyota has unveiled a chameleon concept car covered in patterns that can be changed with a smartphone app.

The Fun-Vii is destined for the Toyota stand at the Tokyo motor show opening tomorrow but there are no plans for production.

The car’s body is covered in touch screen panels, turning it into a virtual computer. All you have to do is update the ‘wallpaper’ at whim.

Fun-Vii – the Vii is an acronym for ‘vehicle interactive internet’, can also theoretically connect you to a manufacturer or dealership to have your car checked remotely.

It also offers clear possibilities for mobile advertising – or maybe just a clear way to send a message to a driver who’s just cut you off. But the thought of a massive repair bill if the surface is scratched might be enough to prompt you to wrap the Fun-Vii in cotton wool.

Toyota revealed the Fun-vii as a teaser for the brand’s cars at the Tokyo motor show today, with company president Akio Toyoda reiterating his previous statements that vehicles had become too boring.  “A car must appeal to our emotions. If it’s not fun, it’s not a car,” he said.

The auto giant however says it’s an example of the kinds of technologies that it could incorporate into designs in the future, citing it as heralding “Toyota’s vision of a future where people, cars and society are linked.”