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The Stig vs Google Maps car | video

The Stig vs Google Maps car.

Google is trying to map the globe, covering every possible street and road -- and lately getting inside shopping centres as well -- for their Street View mode. So it's about time they got around to one of the most-viewed bits of bitumen. In the woooorld. The Top Gear track that features in every episode with a reasonably-priced car and a Stig lap time test.

And you can't hit the Top Gear track without some help from The Stig, so the Google maps car gets to face off against the mystery race driver -- in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series gullwing. Google loses that race but ends up with its Street View mapping, and a smokescreen set up by the jubilant Stig's donuts.

Want to get around the Top Gear track yourself (albeit travelling by mouse or touchpad rather then wheels)? Log onto Google Maps -- and wave the starter's flag for the office lap time leaderboard.

Watch the desktop version of the The Stig vs Google Maps car video here. 

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