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Mercedes-Benz GT AMG | spy shots

Carsguide's spy photographers have captured one of the most talked-about future cars, the smaller sports car that will replace the SLS AMG 'Gullwing' in the Mercedes-Benz range. The German carmaker launched the Final Edition variant of the Gullwing at the Los Angeles motor show in November, and we're expecting its successor to be launched later this year.

Reportedly codenamed the C190,iIt's been the subject of several working titles during development, including SLC, but is tipped to be launching as the GT AMG and to share little with the SLS -- a previous project based on the SLS was reportedly scrapped because Mercedes wanted to roll out a more affordable car. The current SLS AMG starts here at $468,320 and tops out at $639,000, whereas the GT AMG is targeting a price of around 110,000 euros (equivalent to $169,800, but you can expect import taxes and duties to raise the local price well above that level).

Rather than the naturally-aspirated 420kW/650Nm 6.2-litre V8 that powers the Gullwing, the new sports car is likely to have an AMG twin-turbo V8 -- either their latest 5.5-litre or a 4.0-litre rumoured to be in development, with the possibility of two levels of tune indicated by the prototypes' different exhaust systems, with the lower around 370kW and the higher of which could be close to 500kW according to Motor Authority

However the new car will carry on with the SLS's seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission mounted at the rear to aid weight distribution -- and also looks to be borrowing some styling cues. There are no gullwing doors in evidence, but the same long nose and proportions.  The GT AMG will be smaller and lighter than the SLS, with a new aluminium spaceframe structure able to shave a reported 80kg off the current car's 1736kg. A convertible is a certainty to follow the coupe, and there are also rumours of a subsequent Black Series version with range-topping outputs.

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