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Mercedes-Benz Gullwing SLS AMG GT

Experience gained in racing the SLS AMG GT3 has gone into the GT’s new adaptive performance suspension set-up.

Unveiled globally yesterday, the SLS AMG GT variants slip into the middle of the range under the GT3 track day version - and have filched some of its hardcore aspects, with more power, race-tuned suspension and a tweaked transmission.

The ‘entry level’ SLS AMG’s 6.3-litre V8 remains as does the 650Nm peak torque, but with power boosted 21kW to 441kW. Mercedes-Benz says the GT gets to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds – 1.1 seconds faster than the standard SLS AMG, and has a top speed of 319km/h (electronically limited).

To accompany the power lift, the seven-speed AMG dual-clutch transmission has been recalibrated for faster shifts in Manual mode, with newly developed gear change logic and optimised transmission control shaving off the shift time for each change.

The transmission’s automatic double-declutching on downshifts is function when shifting down is also more definite and faster. And sounds even better, the Mercedes statement says. 

Experience gained in racing the SLS AMG GT3 has gone into the GT’s new adaptive performance suspension set-up, with stiffer springs and specially-tuned electronically-adjustable dampers added to the twin aluminium wishbones front and rear.

The selectable ride control has two track-focused modes: Sport for “bumpy tracks like Nordschleife, which requires higher suspension travel” and Sport plus for “level surfaces such as Hockenheim”.

The SLS AMG GT rolls on unique 20-in alloy wheels with red brake calipers, while gloss black accents inside and out, set off with red interior touches - and the GT badging on the decklid -- set it apart from the standard Gullwing. The cars have an October on-sale schedule for European markets, priced at the equivalent of $260,000 for the coupe and $270,000 for the roadster.

Don’t look for it here, though, because it won’t be arriving in Australia.

“We’re not taking it,” Mercedes-Benz spokesman Jerry Stamoulis says. “We could have the GT but have opted not to take it as we’re putting our hand up for something that’s coming a little bit later that we think will be a little bit more desirable in our market. It will be more powerful.”

Stamoulis would not  go into any further information, but the next arrival it could be the SLS AMG e-cell – or if you’re talking really desirable it could even be something as tasty as the Black Series rumoured to be testing in Europe.