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Suzuki Jimny five-door launch date revealed! Bigger off-roader pushed back to 2022 as brand struggles with huge 50,000-order backlog - reports

Suzuki's popular off-roader is booming. (image credit: Best Car Web)

Suzuki's long-awaited four-door Jimny will launch in 2022, with Indian media reporting the brand's local factory will start producing the bigger, more practical off-roader for domestic and international markets in July. 

The move is reportedly in response to local demand, with the Indian market requirements meaning a four-door model is a must.

While 2021 was understood to be the target year for the bigger Jimny, reports now have the unveiling pushed back to 2022, as the brand struggles with a reported 50,000-order backlog.

The Indian factory was expected to receive some production pressure, with vehicles built already serving international markets, but the pandemic has reportedly pushed the five-door start date back by several months.

The news comes as Japanese media report Suzuki is currently battling a huge backlog of orders, with the brand reportedly blaming manufacturing availability for the delay with the new model.

That said, local media is reporting that work on a five-door model is happening, with Suzuki dealerships in Japan expecting the bigger model to arrive.

The new vehicle is expected to be powered by the same 1.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine - borrowed form the Suzuki Ertiga - as the three-door Jimny, which develops around 75kW and 130Nm. It will be equipped with the same 4WD systems as the three-door, too.

So would such a car come to Australia? You bet your Jimny it would, with Suzuki's arm "waving in the air" for a new model, should it become available.

"If it's available to us, we will take it. The Jimny take up in Australia is huge," says Suzuki CEO Michael Pachota.

"If there's an opportunity, we'll take it. And there hasn't been any indication that there isn't an opportunity there in the long term, but in saying that, there's been no indication in the short term."

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