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Scooter sales gain ground in Australia in 2019

Motorcycles, ATVs and off road bikes all dropped in 2019, but scooter sales improved.

Scooters are bucking the downward trend in the world of motorcycle sales, following the announcement of the annual VFACTs sales figures for motorbikes.

In 2019, Australians bought 89,199 motorcycles, which was down 6.1 per cent on 2018's figure (95,044).

But the scooter segment was the shining light for two-wheeler sales, with 5014 sales registered marking an increase of 15.9 per cent on the preceding year's 4328 units.

The brands that performed best in the scooter segment included BMW (up 135.6 per cent), Honda (up 46.5 per cent), Suzuki (up 46.1 per cent) and Yamaha (up 20.2 per cent). Others didn't do so well, with Piaggio down 22.2 per cent, Vespa dropping 15.8 per cent, and Aprilia down 47.9 per cent.

Across the other segments, off-road bikes dropped marginally (down 1.6 per cent, to 34,298 sales), with Husqvarna growing alongside Kawasaki and Honda. Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM all dropped in 2019.

Scooters are bucking the downward trend in the world of motorcycle sales.

ATV sales were sluggish, with 17,906 vehicles registered. Only Kawasaki saw an increase in 2019 (up 2.4 per cent), while BRP, Honda, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha all dipping.

Road bikes represented the single-biggest drop in segment sales, down 11.9 per cent to 31,981 sales. Only Moto Guzzi and KTM didn't lose ground in 2019, while Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha all dropping sales last year.

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