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Porsche Road Trip app will guide you to the world's best roads

The new Porsche phone app will be your new driving best friend

Porsche has created a new road trip phone app that will warm the hearts of lead-foots everywhere, allowing its owners to navigate to their destination via the area's finest driving roads.

Think of it as the world's coolest form of satellite navigation, because rather than calculate the most direct route to a destination, the Porsche Road Trip App will instead take you to the most exciting way possible, often happily dropping you back where you began. 

“Our goal is to support the emotional driving experience with digital solutions. With Porsche Road Trip, we’re intelligently organising trips for our customers, making them as eventful and comfortable as possible,” says Porsche's Digital CEO, Thilo Koslowski.

The idea is simple; the app is pre-loaded with road trips that run from four hours to two days, complete with hotel and restaurant suggestions along the way. The roads have been hand-picked by Porsche, so you can be confident there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Alternatively, you can simply ask for a customised driving route from wherever you are, with the app designing a drive program that will drop you back at your door.

For now, the app only works in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA, with Porsche adding more countries in later releases. You can access the service from the infotainment screen in the new 911, or from your phone if you're driving an older Porsche.

Is this the coolest navigation tool ever? Tell us in the comments below.