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Pirelli gets to grip with VW GTI

Volkswagen has launched its most powerful Golf, the limited edition GTI Pirelli

With 169kW, 0-100km/h of 6.6 seconds and a bespoke yellow hue, it certainly has the pace to match its new face.

The new Pirelli GTI continues the long history. In May 1983, the ‘Original Pirelli’ arrived on the market in Europe with a distinctive feature of specially designed alloy wheels with the ‘Pirelli P’ on their outer edges. A remarkable 10,500 special models were built and sold within half a year.

Based on the Mark V Golf GTI, the Pirelli is fitted with 18-inch titanium look Pirelli wheels and 18-inch 225/40 Pirelli P-Zero tyres, the first time a GTI has been fitted with 18s as standard.

The Pirelli’s distinctly unique interior features yellow stitching, and a mix of leather and anthracite, but it’s the Pirelli tyre tread pattern wound into the micro-fibres that makes the biggest impact. Additionally, the front headrests that normally feature ‘GTI’ now features ‘Pirelli’ stitching.

GTI Pirelli equipment features also include heated seats, electrically adjustable lumbar supports in front, and all-leather centre armrest in the rear.

Up from the current GTI’s 147kW, the Pirelli’s 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder produces 169kW @ 5500rpm and 300Nm between 2200-5200rpm. Its 0-100km/h of 6.6 seconds is backed up with a 245km/h top speed, all through a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

External features include the new yellow colour, along with a discrete Pirelli badge on the rump and tinted rear windows.

Available in both three and five-door body shapes, the Golf GTI Pirelli is priced from $47,490 and $48,990 respectively.


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