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Nissan Dualis will go front-wheel drive

A front-wheel drive version of the Nissan Dualis will be available August this year.

It intends to turn its Dualis SUV into a front-wheel drive to cut the price and boost potential sales.

The car is coming in August, and based on the current $28,990 starting price for a two-litre all-wheel drive model the front-runner Dualis should be in the $25,000 range.

"Why are we doing a front-drive model? Because we think the Dualis has got potential to do better than it has, and to do that it needs to be pitched more at the small hatch market," says Nissan Australia spokesman, Jeff Fisher.

“The positioning will be different. It makes sense. It's a small 2-litre hatch with an elevated driving position, a nice place to be.

"The price and specification is still being set and Fisher is not giving much away on the price. "It will be a little cheaper," he says.

But Nissan believes it could be a good choice for a lot of 20-something Australians.

"Dualis is currently selling around 150 a month. We would like to double that number. There is potential to at least double that rate," Fisher says.