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More Morgan Three Wheelers may be coming

One of the most exciting vehicles you can buy doesn't have four wheels. It doesn't have two wheels either. It's the Morgan Three Wheeler, and it's a trike that provides a wildly thrilling motoring experience unmatched by many vehicles on the road.

The seating position is low, the engine is loud, and the handling is... different. The Morgan Three Wheeler is something that truly needs to be experienced to be believed. It's also a vehicle that didn't just spring to life out of the blue.

There's heritage at play here, and that is something that the team at Morgan are once again examining thanks to the strong sales of this titillating trike. Back in the 1930's, Morgan produced an array of Three Wheelers. There were single seaters, double seaters, and even the F-Series four-passenger Morgans.

The success of the modern Three Wheeler has Morgan considering rolling out an updated variety of this latest iteration. Per Autocar, the current version is expected to exceed 600 units sold.

That's more volume than the rest of the Morgan family, and it shows the manufacturer that folks are (relatively) highly interested in their entertaining vehicle. We say the more the merrier, and we hope Morgan does push forward with its plan to expand upon the Three Wheeler family.