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Hyundai iMax N: Bonkers "Drift Bus" is a track-attack people mover

Have you ever wanted lap a race track but worried about how you'd find the space for you and seven of your closest friends? 

Well worry no longer, with Hyundai pulling the covers off its utterly bonkers iMax N "Drift Bus" ahead of the World Time Attack Challenge.

Based on the eight-seat iMax, this one-off build shoehorns the brand’s twin-turbocharged V6 engine under the bonnet. And that means 300kW and 555Nm of tyre-shredding power at your disposal.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the iMax N began life as an April Fool’s joke, with a picture posted by the brand’s German division as a gag.

But Hyundai in Australia didn’t just see the funny side, they saw an opportunity to create something ludicrously lusty, and so they got to work.

The result is this, possibly the world’s maddest bus - at least, one that still performs its people-carrying duty - that will be set loose at the Word Time Attack Challenge this weekend.

That V6 engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, and Hyundai’s boffins have fitted a mean-sounding bi-modal exhaust to ensure the soundtrack is every bit as brutal.

Under the skin, there’s new suspension, bigger N brakes and 19-inch alloys wrapped in porter rubber, and the brand is promising a perfect 50:50 weight distribution with eight hardy souls on board.

But before you get too excited, this is a genuine one-off build, with the iMax unable to even be road registered.