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HSV Grange E3 revealed

The Enhanced Driver Interface is already confirmed for the HSV flagship, the WM3 Grange, and is expected to be standard across the E3. The EDI streams a dizzyingly variable array of real-time vehicle dynamics and performance data to a touch screen located in the centre console upper, taking a big step up and beyond the touch-screen console already fitted to Holden's own VEII Commodores.

The WM3 upgrade list also includes Side Blind Zone Alert, a bi-modal exhaust, reversing cameras, daytime running lights and satellite navigation. Power increases from 317kW to 325kW – the figure emblazoned on the Grange’s rear for the first time – and torque remains at 550Nm.

HSV says the V8 output will be unaffected by the major new option for the brand, its $5990 Liquid Propane Injection system. But it claims the propane system reduces emissions by up to 15 per cent and running costs by as much as 50 per cent.

While the hi-tech system is eligible for the Federal Government’s $2000 rebate on factory-fitted LPG systems, the Grange is still subject to a Luxury Car Tax hit.

While final prices will not be confirmed until the full 2011 HSV range is launched on September 21, HSV predicts $900 as the maximum increase. And HSV is confident the new Grange will continue to win sales from European brands.

“With the combination of the Grange’s power and new technologies we are confident the HSV Grange retains its position as the ultimate Australian-made luxury performance car,” says Darren Bowler, HSV’s general manager of sales. Our Grange buyer expects the best appointed car in our range, and with this much equipment as standard we are sure they won’t be disappointed.”

The seemingly-intuitive touchscreen EDI system was developed in conjunction with industry specialist MoTeC, which also supplies computer controls and digital dashboards to V8 Supercar teams. Its array of graphics and display pages was designed in-house by HSV’s styling department.

Modes include a stopwatch, data logging, corner G forces and dynamics.

A race page uses GPS to set tracks, record lap times, record fastest lap, as well as time gain and loss on individual laps. A number of circuits – including Bathurst and Phillip Island – are already programmed into the system.

While EDI is being touted as the HSV hero feature, the LPI is a new application of LPG to high performance motoring, injecting LPG into the cylinder as a liquid rather than vapour. This is said to allow for cooler combustion and better fuel metering, which in turn ensures outright engine performance can be maintained when it is incorporated as a dual-fuel system that, while delivering significantly reduced emissions and significantly lower running costs.

The WM3 also receives exterior and interior re-touches including a new front and rear design and daytime running lamps to bring luxury flagship into line with the rest of the HSV range.