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Owners Mark Colley, Ian Herrick and Keith Fuller opened the Haberfield second-hand car dealership together a quarter of a century ago and the three have been in business together at the Sydney dealership ever since.

The men are now contemplating retirement and have put their prominent Parramatta Rd site on the market.

Mr Colley joked that despite some fluctuations in their waistlines and the disappearance of three moustaches, some things never seem to change.

"It's still hard to park a car in places like Newtown and Balmain," he said. "I think our cars suit this sort of area, that's why I like being here, it's better for our market."

He added that although he had seen house prices rise and traffic around the Parramatta Rd location increase, there were some upsides for inner west motorists.

"I think motoring has got cheaper,'' he said. "Used cars in Australia are getting more on a par with other places in the world." 

The site will be auctioned on August 14 and if a suitable buyer is found, all three men will be taking their well earned retirement.

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