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European-spec Corolla sedan The next Toyota Corolla sedan is a chalk-and-cheese move on from the dowdy designs we're used to seeing.

It's been toned down from the Furia concept that previewed the new sedan's styling at January's Detroit Motor Show, but the wedge-shaped body with sharp lines and edgy accents have still moved the looks light years forward.

The downside is that these photos are as close as we'll get to it for more than a year, with the car arriving in the first half of 2014 -- nearly two years after the arrival of the current Corolla hatch.

Toyota is having a bet each way on the Corolla sedan, with two design families: the US gets one and European and other markets -- including Australia -- get the other.

Both versions have been unveiled today, with the US version being unveiled on its native soil, and the European model at an event in Istanbul, Turkey.

Toyota Australia has confirmed that our local Corolla sedan will be closest to the European version in appearance, with detail changes likely to tailor the important model to local tastes. 

The differences between US and European versions are largely in design cues at the nose and tail, but there's the same growth in length and width -- and a lower stance -- for both.

Significantly, both versions feature a 100mm wheelbase stretch over the existing Corolla sedan, resulting in a claimed 75mm legroom increase for rear passengers.

Other markets will get a range of engines, including diesel and hybrid choices, but in Australia the sedan will be powered by the slightly revised 103kW/173Nm 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine currently seen in the hatch.

Prices haven't been confirmed yet, but -- depending on exchange rates -- shouldn't move too far beyond the current model's starting price of $20,990 (topping out six spec levels later at $31,990).


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