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Gymkhana drift truck kills Pikes Peak | video

The big rig is a Banks Super Turbo race truck.

Killing the planet has never looked this awesome, except for every time a raced-out big rig does its physics-defying thing. Here, the big rig is a Banks Super Turbo race truck, and it's being piloted up Pikes Peak by Mike Ryan.

Chugging a cloud of exhaust that would make a steam train jealous, the supercharged and turbocharged drift truck, dug up via BangShift, attacks the climb to the clouds with verve and vigour, eliciting cheers from the crowd and flex from its sidewalls that makes our bones hurt, all the while emitting a piercing, whining scream that is surely the oxidised distillate of wailing and gnashing Prius owners everywhere.

Screw the climate change, check out the direction changes of this mega-rally truck, then go light a pile of tires on fire. It's the least you can do to contribute.

Pikes Peak 2013 Banks Super Turbo Race Semi Gymkhana Drift Truck Size Matters from Serg Korchinskiy on Vimeo.