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Forget the 2023 Patrol Warrior, this supercharged beast could be the ultimate Nissan SUV!

Not known for subtlety, Manhart has waved its wand over the Nissan Patrol and made it mega.

If you’ve ever thought owning a V8 off-roader that weighs in at more than 2.7 tonnes would be too subtle, perhaps you should look into the Manhart-tuned version of the Nissan Patrol.

The German company, which is known for its over-the-top modifications of sports cars and luxury vehicles, has sidestepped the usual fare in favour of something slightly more day-to-day.

The reason? Manhart is celebrating its expansion into the Middle East with the former outpost Manhart Dubai becoming the brand’s hub for the entire region. What better way to celebrate than with a car known for its popularity in the Middle East thanks to its ability to handle tough environments while being a comfortable cruiser.

While the Nissan Patrol isn’t exactly subtle on its own, not only being one of the most visible vehicles on the road due to its size, but also being one of the last cars to rock a petrol V8, the unhinged engineers at Manhart reckon it could be more.

Enter what Manhart calls the PT 650.

Its 5.6-litre V8, despite being the least visible aspect of the work undertaken by Manhart, is the most significant. Instead of the 319kW/560Nm outputs it left the factory with (in Nismo guise, which Australia doesn’t get… for now), Manhart has bestowed the Patrol with a frankly silly 485kW and 600Nm.

How? A supercharger, of course. Though the Patrol won’t likely be winning any supercar drag races, it’s now 166kW more powerful than before.

For reference, the Lamborghini Urus super-SUV makes 490kW from its twin-turbo V8… even if it makes an extra 250Nm of torque at 850Nm.

Not only will the Manhart PT 650 make a forced-induction whine now, but a louder cat-back exhaust system means the whine is joined by a louder V8 rumble.

Of course, Manhart isn’t done just because the engine’s been given a look. The visual element of a Manhart-tuned car is arguably its key selling point for some, and the PT 650 is no different.

A huge set of 24-inch alloy wheels are coupled with a lower stance to make the Patrol look a little more Need for Speed Underground 2, while a black and gold livery has a proper Middle East feel.

Inside, upholstery is swapped out for black leather with gold trim, and Manhart logos abound. Most of the functionality remains Nissan-esque, including the steering wheel and dash.

This all brings to mind the question - how long until Manhart Middle East turns its attention to the Patrol’s natural rival, the Toyota Landcruiser LC300?

Here in Australia, if you happen to have a Patrol and some cash to burn, there are Manhart authorised dealers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Hit up the Manhart website to find their details.