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Ford Mustang supercharger boosts outputs to 522kW and 827Nm: Oz execs "looking at what's available"

Could the Mustang be about to re-stake its claim for the muscle-car crown?

It’s been a huge few days for muscle-car fans in Australia, with HSV announcing it would introduce the most powerful Camaro ever, the ZL1, to its fleet this year, with news of its 480kW and 860Nm setting go-fast fans’ hearts fluttering right across the nation.

And all that attention is unlikely to have gone unnoticed at Ford, with the makers of the Mustang launching, internationally at least, a new Ford Performance-developed supercharger kit that boosts the outputs of its Coyote V8 to a staggering 522kW and 827Nm - which would be enough for the Blue Oval to mount a fresh claim for Australia's muscle-car crown.

The supercharger kit - developed by Ford Performance and Roush and just announced in the USA - is similar to the kit offered on the pre-facelift Mustang, which uses a Coyote (2) V8. It was eventually offered in Australia via Tickford after Ford learned it wouldn't pass ADR standards.

But the development of a new Coyote (3)-friendly kit would have Ford Australia once again studying the feasibility of a supercharger pack for Australia.

That's no guarantee, of course, with Ford Australia telling CarsGuide that it routinely studies international Mustang releases, and they don't all get green-lit. But news that the door is open to a factory supercharger - even if it's only open a crack - it will surely be enough to have Ford fans drooling.

"There is no immediate changes planned for the Mustang line-up. But we’re always looking to improve it. We saw the desire for Bullitt, which was really great, and we're always ensuring we keep Mustang fresh and interesting, and provide cars that people are excited by," a spokesperson told CarsGuide.

"We look at everything we can for Mustang customers, and that includes looking at what’s available internationally, to see if we can make it suitable for Australia."

A supercharged Mustang or a Camaro ZL1? Tell us in the comments below.