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Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST get Mountune upgrades

Mountune's upgrades boost Fiesta ST to 158kW and Focus ST to 203kW.

Ford has revealed new performance-boosting tuning packages for European versions of the Focus ST and Fiesta ST hot hatches, courtesy of its semi-official tuning partner Mountune. The kits boost Focus ST’s outputs from 184kW/340Nm to 205kW/400Nm, and the Fiesta from 134kW/240Nm to 160kW/320Nm, while maintaining their full European manufacturer warranty.

The upgrade drops the Focus ST’s 0-100km/h acceleration by over half a second to below 6.0, and 50-100km/h happens 0.8 seconds quicker in 4.9. The Fiesta ST makes similar performance gains, reducing its 0-100km/h figure by half a second to 6.4, and its 50-100km/h figure by 0.7 seconds to 5.7. Mountune has an established history with the Focus and Fiesta models, having fettled previous-generation high performance versions of each nameplate. 

Ford Australia spokesman Neil McDonald confirmed the possibility of Mountune packages for local versions of the Focus ST and Fiesta ST in future.  “It’s something we’re looking at locally but at this stage it’s too early to put any timings on when it will be available. However, it’s clearly a great opportunity to provide something extra for some of our Ford performance hatch customers.”

Mr McDonald would not be drawn on how Mountune-badged models would sit with the existing FPV performance branding, insisting that the Mountune packages would need to be assessed for local warranty and ADR compliance first.

In Europe, the kits take between 60 and 90 minutes to fit to the ST models, and the Focus ST kit includes a larger intercooler, upgraded air filter, cast-alloy inlet duct, and a remapped ECU, and costs the equivalent of AU$2025. The Fiesta ST kit is simpler, comprising just an aluminium high-flow airbox with cold-air intake, air filter upgrade and an ECU remap. Fittingly, it’s cheaper too, at the equivalent of AU$990.

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