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BMW 5 Series GT first look

It combines aspects of sedan, hatchback, crossover wagon and sports sedan, and will be available with turbodiesel, petrol six and V8 engines, a huge range of standard equipment and BMW's latest Dynamic Drive.

BMW Australia believes it can get the car towards the middle of 2010, if it can make a business case, but predicts sales around 50 cars a month.

The most unusual thing about the Gran Turismo is the tail, which is hatchback in style but - like the 'twin-door' Skoda Superb - has two tail-end choices. It can be a hatchback or a sedan, depending on the amount of luggage space needed for a job.

To boost the rear-end flexibility, the rear seats can also slide forwards to increase the luggage space.

BMW currently lists three engines for the car — 530d, 535i, 550i — and a huge range of standard and optional equipment.

But the cabin takes its lead from the new 7 Series in dash layout, space and final finishing.

And BMW says the Gran Turismo does not - necessarily - point to the look of the next 5 Series sedan, coming in 18 months. Or perhaps point to the end of the Touring wagon.