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Bentley goes electric with futuristic EXP 100 GT

Bentley turned 100 years old yesterday, and the brand has been busy building itself a birthday present in the shape of the future-focused EXP 100 GT.

Designed to paint a clear picture of the brand's future direction, the EXP 100 GT is dripping in the plush luxury you might expect from a Bentley, but there are just a couple of important things missing. 

For one, there's no conventional engine, with the EXP 100 GT a pure electric vehicle. The brand is keeping tight-lipped on battery pack specifics, but the details they have dropped are plenty tantalising.

Bentley is promising a sprint to 100km/h in "less than 2.5 seconds", and a flying top speed of 300km/h, complements of four electric motors, with one housed at each wheel, along with a torque vectoring system for better handling and power delivery.

The British brand points to "future battery technology" when it comes to identifying potential range and recharging times, saying the the EXP 100 GT will go from zero to 80 per cent charged in just 15 minutes, and will deliver a staggering 700km driving range. Those are numbers we'd advice taking with a grain of salt, however, as it doesn't sound like the technology currently exists.

Speaking of technology that doesn't yet exist, Bentley is also promising its EXP 100 GT will be fully autonomous, though the driver will be able to take control at will (namely when they want to put some of that prodigious performance to the test).

It's quite the beast, too, with true land-yacht dimensions of 5.8m in length, 2.4m in width, and with front doors that measure 2.0m alone.

The cabin is a study in posh plushness, only this time with a "sustainable" focus, with the leather seat materials swapped out for a vegan material sourced from the wine making process, wood sourced from 5000-year-old Riverwood (which doesn't sound overly sustainable) and exterior paint sourced from rice husks.

And if all of that has got you reaching for your monogramed cheque book, we politely as you to cool your jets - the  EXP 100 GT is a concept, though one designed as a glimpse into Bentley's future. 

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