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Aston Martin frozen in time

Aston Martin was voted the coolest car in Britain for the second time.

You want cool wheels? Then stick a car into a big tank of water and turn it to ice. It has to be the ultimate ice block for car enthusiasts on a hot day.

The car here is an Aston Martin. The British maker of flashy sports cars provided this image to mark its award as the Britain's Coolest Car for the second year running.

The award comes from the CoolBrands Council, which combines opinions of experts and consumers on Britain's strongest brands.

“On the one hand, things can become cool by virtue of their necessity or prevalence in your life,” says CoolBrands Council chairman Stephen Cheliotis.

“On the other hand, it can be the things you really want but may know you'll never get.”

In August, Aston Martin unveiled the long-awaited DBS, seen for the first time in the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale.

Aston Martin says the DBS bridges the gap between its road and track cars, the DB9 and DBR9.

Aston Martin proud of its award. “To be voted the UK's coolest brand for the second-year running proves that the growth of our brand is consistent and ongoing,” says Aston Martin's Dr Ulrich Bez.

“Our exciting, design-led program of new models and unparalleled attention to detail has made a major impact in the world of international culture.”

Which car in Australia do you think should claim the cool brand status? (comment below)