2015 Audi Q7 detailed | soccer mum and dad dream car

12 January 2015
, CarsGuide

The family car that car can steer itself in traffic, have the kids program the navigation from the back seat, and will help dad reverse the trailer. 

The term “back seat driver” will take on a new meaning when the new Audi Q7 SUV arrives in Australian showrooms later this year.

A new 10-inch computer tablet designed by the German car maker can be used by back-seat passengers to control the radio, air-conditioning or set a destination on the navigation system.

It also means kids may finally have an answer to the question: "are we there yet"? With their own tablet, they will know!

The same car also has an advanced radar and camera system that enables the Audi Q7 to accelerate, brake and steer itself automatically in stop-start traffic up to 60 km/h, to take the grind out of daily driving.

Meanwhile, dads will soon have no excuse when it comes to reversing a trailer into position.

Using the car’s electric power steering and the rear-view radar and camera, the new Audi Q7 can position a trailer exactly where the driver pinpoints it using the touch pad in the centre console.

The only problem is that all this comes with a stiff asking price. The new Audi Q7 is due in Australian showrooms later this year priced about $100,000 and replaces the current eight-year-old model.

Making its public debut at this week's Detroit motor show, Audi revealed some of the new technology within.

“If the new Audi Q7 is used as a tow vehicle, the trailer assistant steers the trailer backwards in precisely the direction indicated by the driver using the rotary pushbutton of the (cabin control system). The system also manages turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction, stabilizes the trailer-tow vehicle unit when driving backwards in a straight line and when the steering wheel is turned too far warns if the trailer could hit the rear of the vehicle.”

As for taking the headache of out peak hour traffic, Audi says: “The adaptive cruise control system accelerates and brakes to keep the Q7 at the desired distance from the vehicle ahead. It displays the distance when it is deactivated. (When equipped with the optional stop-and-go system) it also takes over the steering on developed highways if traffic congested and not moving faster than 60 km/h.”

Audi lane-keeping technology uses a camera and small steering interventions to help the vehicle in a lane. If the driver is distracted and does not notice a stopped car ahead, as with a number of other vehicles since 2009, the automatic emergency braking will be activated and narrowly avoid a crash at speeds below 30km/h.