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What $20,000 car should I buy?

My car is a 2000 Toyota Corolla. I’ve owned it 10 years, but it has cost me thousands to fix things here and there in the last three years. So I am looking into buying a new one.

I drive everyday mostly the same journey from home to work and back. I do around 15,000 km a year. I want to spend less than $20,000. What do you suggest? 

Unfortunately you’ve kept the Corolla too long, and have had to spend money to keep it going. Keep that in mind for the next one you buy.

You’re constrained by your $20,000 budget, but I would suggest you look at a Kia Rio, Mazda2, Mitsubishi Lancer, or Suzuki Swift. All should fall within your budget and all will give you a good run. If you were prepared to buy a used car that is one or two years old, you could consider a Toyota Corolla, or a Mazda3.