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Can the spare wheel from another Corolla fit the 2019 ZR Hybrid?

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The Corolla ZR 2019 Hybrid doesn’t come with a spare tyre. Can other model Corollas’ space-saver tyres fit the 2019 ZR hybrid vehicle?

The space-saver from a non-hybrid Corolla should fit your car, provided it’s from a model from the same generation of Corolla. Don’t forget, though, you’ll also need the correct jack and wheel brace to change a tyre by the side of the road.

The bigger question perhaps, is where you’d store the spare tyre and tools on a Corolla Hybrid. The reason the hybrid model doesn’t have a spare tyre in the first place is that the hybrid’s batteries take up an awful lot of space under the boot floor, where the tyre would otherwise live. Meantime, having a tyre and tools rattling around loose in the hatch area is not only an inconvenience but, in a crash, could be potentially lethal.

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