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Toyota HiLux: Will off-road suspension make it ride better?

If you have two 4x4 dual-cab utes, in my case a Toyota Hilux SR5 and a Ford Ranger XLT. If you used the same shocks, for example Bilstein B6 off-road shocks, on both cars, will the ride experience be the same or will one suit a shock better and perform better? From reviews I’ve seen so far I’ve heard towing and overall ride experience of the Ford Ranger performs better than the Hilux. Just wondering if you have the same aftermarket shocks will that difference change? Will the Hilux towing and overall ride experience equal to the Ranger’s level of performance due to having the same shocks?

Both would be improved, but I wouldn’t necessarily think they would be the same. Talk to an off-road suspension specialist for a more definitive opinion.