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Toyota Corolla: Warranty Exclusions

Asked by Peter Sorby

After reading your story on warranty exclusions I just had to tell you of my experience with our shiny new Toyota Corolla. At about 300km we noticed a rattle in the front left area of the cabin. We looked everywhere, we unloaded the glove boxes, checked all the storage areas, everything, but found nothing. We then contacted the dealer to book it in for remedial treatment, and was told that it "could be a pencil or something down the vent" and that they would have to take the dash off and we would have to pay for the labour, which would be a minimum of three hours. I was somewhat stunned at this. Here was a brand new car with an obvious fault, which had to be remedied, and I was expected to pay for the fix!! I am still wondering if a confrontation with the dealer, with publicity, would have changed this policy of labour charges, as a new vehicle should be expected to be fault free. I would be interested in your comments on this issue.

Answered by CarsGuide

22 Sep 2011 Graham Smith

In any case like this you need to make sure it's not somethingsilly, like something rattling round in the ashtray, but having ruled all those possibilities out you would have to conclude that the cause of the rattle is probably a fault from the production line and therefore should be covered by the warranty. I recall trying to find the cause of the fuel starvation in an old car of mine some time ago. I checked everything I could think of, carburetor, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel lines, only to find after months of trying that it was caused by a scrunched up piece of masking tape the spray painter had kindly dropped into the petrol tank when he'd painted the car. Every so often it would block the pickup in the tank. Asking you to foot the bill is over the top.

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