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Knocking noise in 2015 Nissan X-Trail diesel engine

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I have discovered an engine knocking noise and severe diesel blow-by problem in my 2015 Nissan X-Trail 1.6-litre diesel. Do we spend $10,000 for a second-hand engine and have that fitted? The car has done 290,000km and is in pretty good nick as I have owned it from new. The market value for the car according to insurance is $20,000 but looking online it would be hard to get more than $12,000 in private sale if in really good running order. What to do?

There's often a disparity between what a car is insured for and what it might be worth on the second-hand market. In any case, with a worn out engine, its market value would be next to nothing anyway. And with 290,000km on its odometer, you might have trouble finding a buyer willing to take a punt.

That said, even if you put a low-kilometre second-hand engine in it, the fact remains that everything else from the transmission to the wheel bearings, brakes and suspension have also done 290,000km and can be pretty much guaranteed to be fairly worn themselves. You could then find yourself shelling out more money every year to keep the car running on the basis that you'd already spent $10,0000 on a replacement engine. Sometimes it's better to cut your losses and buy something newer.

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