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Gear box in my 2011 Nissan X-Trail is shuddering

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The gear box in my 2011 Nissan X-Trail ST is making a shuddering noise between second and third gears. It’s worse when starting off from stop, and the noise is not there when in overdrive or gears other than second and third. The oil level was down but not low.

The absolute best thing you can do now is get the car to an automatic transmission specialist. The shuddering could be caused by wear in the bands and clutches that control the gears or from damage or wear in some other part of the transmission or even somewhere in the rest of the driveline. It might even be a problem with the torque converter.

The fact that the level of fluid had dropped suggests a leak somewhere in the system that also needs to be fixed. But continuing to drive the vehicle in this state is likely to cause further damage.

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