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Is there a law that prohibits a dealership from selling a vehicle without a compliance plate?

I bought a 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara from a used car dealership in Victoria. I brought the car to Queensland and tried to sell it six months later. The buyer noticed that there was no compliance plate on the vehicle and refused to go ahead with the purchase. From my knowledge this greatly reduces the value of the car. The car had a comprehensive car inspection from a RACV accredited inspector and he gave green light for all areas of the car, but I believe he forgot to inspect the compliance plate. All documents (including the RWC done in Qld) have a compliance date on it, but they all differ from each other. The used car dealership has confirmed that the previous owner has the plates. I don't want the car anymore, as I wouldn't have bought it had I known the plates weren't on it and buyers are reluctant to purchase a vehicle without one. It also raises questions as to why it was taken off in the first place. Is there a law or regulation that prohibits a dealership from selling a vehicle without a compliance plate in Vic? Or is it a requirement to disclose this information before the purchase of the vehicle?

It’s odd that the previous owner has removed the compliance plate from the vehicle. I don’t blame anyone for not buying because it makes the car appear dodgy. I would be getting the plates back from whoever has them and putting back on the car. You could also try talking to the Queensland registration authority to seek their advice on what to do.