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Hyundai Santa Fe 2018: How much can it tow?

The towing limit for a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe is 2000 kg. Do you recommend or suggest a maximum tow limit below the nominated rating from a safe towing point of view? My previous caravan service man always suggested a safety margin of approx. 100-200 kg. So he would suggest that for a Santa Fe I should tow a van no greater than about 1800-1900 kg ATM. Our current van is 1920 kg ATM, and I am seriously considering upgrading to a Santa Fe, but I am not sure if I am being too cautious. What do you think?

You’re very close to the limit at 1920 kg, but it is within Hyundai’s maximum for the Santa Fe. That said I would be conservative and try and lighten the load on tow somehow.