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Does the Hyundai iX35 engine have any issues?

Asked by Michael

My wife was recently told that her Hyundai iX35 two-litre petrol engine had suffered from premature engine failure at less than 80,000km on the clock. The car is six years old so is out of warranty. After doing a bit of digging I discovered that this is not an isolated incident and is occurring more often than not. One wrecking yard informed my mechanic that it is supplying a Hyundai dealership in Brisbane at least one engine a month. I am just wondering if anyone else out there has come across a similar issue with the iX35 petrol engine?

Answered by CarsGuide

24 Nov 2021 David Morley

Hyundai’s Theta 2 family of engines does, indeed, have a pretty chequered track record for reliability. But it’s important to note that the majority of vehicles affected have been US-market cars with engines built in a different factory to the cars supplied to Hyundai Australia. For the record, the North American cars in question experienced debris from the engine machining process blocking the oil passages inside the engine, leading to bearing failure. In some cases, the engine failure resulted in a roadside fire.

Even though our iX35s were built in South Korea rather than North America, there’s still a chance the same problem could crop up here given that engineering materials and techniques tend to be standardised across all factories in the name of efficiency.

As you point out, your car is now out of warranty, but I wouldn’t leave it at that. I’d be talking to Hyundai’s customer service department with a view to at least getting some assistance in having the car fixed if, indeed, it was a manufacturing fault that caused the engine failure. I’d also be pointing out that 80,000km is not a realistic life expectancy for a modern engine. To get anywhere with this approach, you’ll need to be able to show that the car has been serviced by the book and (probably) that the failure was due to a loss of oil pressure that led to bearing failure.

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