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An old Accord

After failing to reach agreement with the dealer on my trade-in on a Honda Accord Limited Edition I was offered a two-month-old "demo" low kilometre Luxury model for a very good price. After some other minor questions were answered, the dealer gave me a contract, but reading the detail, I discovered that I was not getting a reasonably new car. The build date was May 2008 and compliance date was September 2008. The car was in fact two years old. The dealer acknowledged they had failed to tell me this detail, but thought it may not matter. Their explanation was that it had been in their storage area, along with another one, but gave no other reason for holding it that long. I am wondering if this is common practice, and is it detrimental to the operation of the vehicle? It seems strange to me that unless there is a problem, surely they would try to turnover their stock as quickly as possible.

Two years is a long time for a car to be held in storage, but the car industry has been through a tough time with the market depressed until recent months and sales on a steep slide, and cars have sat unsold as a result. I wouldn't be too concerned that the car is two years old, or that it has been in storage, I'm sure the dealer would have serviced it before putting it on the road.