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Not all Bluetooth systems are created equal | comment

2016 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Bluetooth has claimed its first casualty at our house.

The shabby connection and reception from the Bluetooth unit has forced brother-in-law Peter to walk away from his dream car. It was a Subaru STI.

After many years as a sales representative running in a string of Commodores, he finally walked away from Holden in favour of a Subaru WRX. He was hooked and trade-up time took him, almost inevitably, into the faster STI.

He loved the car until he hit the road again to lay the foundations for a new business and discovered the Bluetooth failings of his new Subaru.

"It's OK around town but as soon as I hit the highway it's awful. Sometimes I have to stop so people can hear me," he says.

"Concrete freeway surfaces are the worst. But it's never good."

His reaction is exactly the same one I experienced recently in a new Hyundai, which had a telephone connection that was more like Blu-toot. The company is promising a quick solution and says I only have to wait for the next tweak on the i30.

Peter went looking for solutions and eventually found one in a new Kia Sportage. It's better for the travelling showroom, too.

But I will not forget the look on his face as he parked the STI for the last time, a mix of frustration and disappointment with the lingering love of a great — but flawed — car.

Have you ever experienced Bluetooth problems with your car? Tell us about it in the comments below.