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The answer is both yes and no, depending on what state or territory you...Read more

A couple of years ago a pair of engineer brothers from Melbourne by the name of Matt and Shane Corish designed and built a V12 variant of an LS1 V8. Producing over 700hp it blew the Internet apart, and now they have...Read more
As values for Ford's fastest four-door muscle car of the 1970s soar, a new high water mark has been set as Lloyds Auctions sold a Track Red XY GT-HO Phase III once owned by Aussie fast-bolwer Jeff Thompson for a tick...Read more
Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen passed away the other day at the age of 81 having survived racing in one of the most dangerous eras of motorsport. An NHRA Champion in both Funny Cars and Top Fuel, the fastest classes of drag...Read more

Yes and no, depending on which state or territory you're in - and in...Read more

John Goss has scored himself an Order of Australia medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours this year for his services to motorsport in Australia. Gossy is a bona fide touring car legend who won Bathurst in ‘74 and ‘85,...Read more

No, it's not illegal to drive with gloves on - presumably because this...Read more

One of only 36 ever built, this vintage 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO just sold for the equivalent of AU$92.5 million making it the most expensive car sold (on record). Famed for its beauty and racing pedigree the Ferrari 250...Read more
Our cars wouldn't be able to run without them, but the mass of wires used in modern cars is able to confuse even proficient car enthusiasts. Thankfully there are guys like Alan Butler, who you may know as Turbo Yoda...Read more
You don’t need to be a chronic car enthusiast to know just about any exotic car will eventually become a collector’s item, but there are plenty of other ordinary cars out there that will find a passionate following...Read more
The 1990s was a time of dubious fashion, syrupy pop hits, and working out who shot Mr Burns. It was also a boom era for computer driving simulator games, on both PC and consoles as the new-fangled Sony PlayStation...Read more
A 1955 Jaguar XK140 SE featuring a custom aluminium body by renowned designer Giovanni Michelotti has sold at auction for 7-times the expected price. The dilapidated wreck of the one-off sports car had been expected to...Read more
Chevy's Silverado pick-up truck is has been as American as apple pie, with a lineage dating back to the 1950s all powered by thumping great pushrod V8s. But now the 2019 model can come with a 2.7-litre turbo four-...Read more
The new-age Toyota 86 was inspired (and named after) the original rear-drive AE86 Sprinter model which is to drifting what the Ford Escort is to rallying, or the Ford Falcon is to touring cars. So, which is better at...Read more
Say g’day to the cars you’ll be getting booked by on NSW roads from July this year. The new weapons of choice for the NSW Highway Patrol are the V8 Chrysler 300 SRT Core and turbocharged six-cylinder BMW 530D. ​​Say g’...Read more

The answer is no, but laws of good taste should deem drinking horrible...Read more

Yes, the road laws in Australia say you must stay in your marked lane...Read more

​Shelby American are going to build 10 extra examples of one of their most ferocious muscle cars of the 1960s, in a continuation build run. Powered by a brutish 550hp 427cui (7-litre) V8, either aluminium or iron...Read more
Almost everyone with a passing interest in cars has stopped and gawked at a mid-engined V12 Italian supercar at some point. But boy are they expensive... Unless you’re a bit handy on the tools and stumble across a...Read more