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21 November 2019

11,000rpm aspirated LS V8 sticks it to pushrod haters

By Iain KellyIain Kelly
There's no replacement for displacement. (image credit: EFI University)

While many consider Wankel rotaries to be the king of high-RPM production engines, Ben Strader from EFI University has stamped a claim to that title for the LS V8 with his “Project Spinal Tap”.

Despite being derided as old, out-dated, and low-tech development of crazy LS V8s has not slowed down, and Spinal Tap takes the pushrod engine in a wild new direction.

The name comes from a scene in the spoof documentary This Is Spinal Tap where the fake heavy metal band shows how their amplifiers “go to 11”, and Strader has now built an LS V8 which does that.

Or, if you want specific numbers 11,230rpm! This naturally aspirated powerhouse is full of amazing tech and shows just how far production-type engines have come in the last 22 years since the LS1 debuted.