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Holden Colorado 7

Holden Colorado 7

Based on the Holden Colorado ute – itself based on Isuzu product – the Colorado 7 is a 4x4 wagon with coil suspension front and rear.

Released in 2013, in the wake of GM’s near-bankruptcy post the global financial crisis, the Colorado 7 was critically panned as a poor imitation of the Isuzu MU-X upon which it was based. The range started from $34,870 for the Colorado 7 LT (4x4) and reached up to $42,790 for the Colorado 7 LTZ (4x4).

Re-jigged and improved for 2016, the seven-seat large 4x4 wagon, powered by a 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, was much improved – and even got a new name, Trailblazer, which is a nod to a moniker used in other markets.

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Range and Specs

LT (4x4) 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SP AUTO $34,870 – 41,470 2018 Holden Colorado 7 LT (4x4) Pricing and Specs
LTZ (4x4) 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SP AUTO $35,970 – 42,790 2018 Holden Colorado 7 LTZ (4x4) Pricing and Specs
Trailblazer (4x4) 2.8L, Diesel, 6 SP AUTO $35,860 – 42,680 2018 Holden Colorado 7 Trailblazer (4x4) Pricing and Specs