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Best small car, SUV and ute end of financial year deals

Here are our top 15 deals for the end of financial year.

Haggle hard or know what to avoid — here are the best buys as the financial year ends.

June is by far the biggest month for new-car sales as dealers push hard to close their books for the financial year.

The devaluing Aussie dollar means the deals for all brands are not as sharp as in previous years — but if you know where to look you can still drive a bargain.

Some models are in run-out, so there is an extra push on those, while other brands have taken the knife to the RRP because they're chasing volume for their overseas parent companies.

Here are the 15 best deals for the end of the financial year plus a few tips on those either to avoid or to haggle harder on.

Small cars

Suzuki Celerio

The cheapest car from a mainstream brand isn't discounted — because it launched with such a sharp price: $13,990 drive-away with automatic transmission effectively makes this a $10,000 car plus on-road costs. Astonishingly cheap and giving plenty of reason to cheer. With a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, it'll run on loose change.

VW Polo 66TSI

Recent deals on the Toyota Yaris ($17,990 drive-away with auto) and Hyundai i20 ($14,990 drive-away with auto) have evaporated this month (still might be worth a try). The Holden Barina and Ford Fiesta deals are not that sharp either. Enter the Polo 66TSI at $18,490 drive-away with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. Its turbo 1.2-litre four-cylinder is powerful (for its size) and super-efficient. Stock is thin on the ground so be sure to shop around.

Kia Cerato

Deals on the VW Golf ($25,490 drive-away with auto), Toyota Corolla sedan ($23,990 drive-away with auto) and Mazda3 (you're invited to talk a deal) are not as generous as in previous months, while Nissan is offering $2800 of "extra value" but no driveaway deals on Pulsar SSS. No-one can compete with the South Koreans this month. The Cerato sedan or hatch with automatic is still an incredible $19,990 drive-away (with seven-year factory-backed warranty). At $4300 off, we called it deal of the decade — until...

Hyundai i30

Holy smoke. This wasn't a misprint: $19,990 drive-away — with automatic transmission — for the recently updated i30 hatch, with the new nose and standard reversing camera. That's more than $5000 off full price, eclipsing Kia's deal.

VW Jetta

Fancy some European flair? Don't mind driving a sedan? The VW Jetta is $24,490 drive-away with auto. That's $1000 cheaper than the Golf with which it shares its engine and underpinnings. And it has a bigger boot.

Kia Koup

Treat yourself to something a bit sporty — the Koup has European styling and a 1.6-litre turbo engine and can be had for $23,990 drive-away, about $6000 off full price.


Holden Trax

It may not be the prettiest on sale, but it's one of the roomiest and best equipped for the money. Now $23,990 drive-away for the LS with free auto, and $24,990 drive-away for the Active with free auto. Both are about $6000 off the full RRP.

Ford Kuga MkII

An unsung hero of the compact SUV segment, it's good buying at $29,790 drive-away (about $3000 off). Don't be put off by the 1.5-litre four-cylinder in such a big car. It's turbocharged, so it has plenty of oomph, and the smaller capacity makes it more fuel efficient. Only blot: no rear camera.

Mitsubishi ASX

Recently updated, the ASX gets a sharp price: $25,000 drive-away for a manual or $27,500 drive-away for an auto. That price is for cash or via Mitsubishi's own finance deal — which has a catch. You must have a 20 per cent deposit.

Mazda CX-9

The CX-9 is nearing the end of its model life. Its petrol V6 isn't the most fuel-efficient but this is the biggest seven-seater for the money. The 2WD base model is a bargain at $39,990 drive-away (about $6000 off full price).

Holden Colorado7 LT

Want to get off the beaten track and don't mind a bouncy ride around town? The Colorado7, normally $47,490 plus on-roads (about $50,000 drive-away), is available until June 30 from $43,990 drive-away, about $6000 off — with five-year warranty and three years' free servicing.

Mitsubishi Challenger

The Challenger is fairly crude, even by heavy-duty 4WD standards, and ageing. Its replacement is due within months — which is why the price is a super-sharp $37,990 drive-away, about $10,000 off full price.


Holden Colorado

There are a couple of good deals, starting with $36,990 drive-away for the base model LS (auto adds $1000). The range-topping LTZ with all the bling is $42,990 drive-away for the manual (aim for $44,990 drive-away for the auto). This is a mega discount of more than $10,000. Holden includes a five-year warranty and three years' free servicing.

Toyota HiLux SR5

With a completely new HiLux due in October, discounts are steady on the run-out model. The SR5 crew-cab manual is back to its previous low of $47,990 drive-away, auto is $49,990 drive-away.

VW Amarok

Joining in the tradie discount war, VW continues its free eight-speed auto deal on all Amaroks. The base model crew-cab Core is sharp buying at $38,990 drive-away while the Trendline adds bigger alloys and some bling for $43,990 drive-away. Both are about $6000 off full price.