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Foton Tunland
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Foton Tunland Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Foton Tunland is available from $34,990 to $34,990 for the 2022 Ute across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $34,990 $34,990
2021 $26,800 $35,530
2020 $26,600 $35,310
2019 $16,900 $34,210
2018 $14,600 $28,820
2017 $11,000 $22,330
2016 $8,400 $28,710
2015 $7,800 $16,060
2014 $7,500 $15,290
2013 $8,100 $15,510
2012 $8,000 $14,520

Foton Tunland FAQs

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  • Foton Tunland warning light

    It could be as simple as rebooting the computer, but whatever the dealer needs to find out what is causing it and then fix it. If he doesn't know how to do it he should call head office here in Australia, and if they can't fix it they should call the Chinese head office.

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  • Why is the tyre pressure light in my 2014 Foton Tunland flashing when the tyre pressure is fine??

    These systems often use wireless technology to send the low-pressure warning signal from the sensor inside the tyre to the car’s computer. Which is fine, but think about how many times your wireless internet signal fails or drops out. That could simply be what’s happening here; the computer is getting no signal, so it presumes there’s a problem.

    In many cases, the problem can also be a flat battery in one of the tyre sensors. These usually last between five and 10 years, so on that basis, your car is a candidate for flat sensor batteries. Often, the batteries are not replaceable and you’ll have to replace the whole sensor. If that’s the case, replacing all four would make sense.

    You might also find there’s a procedure for resetting the sensors so that they talk to the computer in a meaningful way. Your owner’s manual should detail this process, but it’s often a pretty convoluted one with a distinct time limit before the computer times out.

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  • Battery connection problems in 2015 Foton Tunland

    Disconnect the battery and reconnect it again. If it doesn’t take it to a mechanic who should be able to sort it out for you.

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