Ford Escape 2006 Problems

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Ford Escape 2006: Can sudden acceleration damage the alternator?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Aug 2018

I don’t believe so.

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Ford Escape 2006: Engine light keeps coming on

Answered by CarsGuide 3 Apr 2015

The usual way to detect problems is by using diagnostic equipment to identify the cause, but it's rarely successful when the problem is intermittent. If it's not doing it when the diagnostic gear is hooked up to the car it won't show up. That's the problem you have. Cleaning the throttle body was worthwhile, resetting the computer might have had some effect, the surging at light throttle is probably the best clue to what's happening. Without any guide from the diagnostic gear it becomes a process of trial and error. That it becomes sluggish suggests it's going into limp-home mode as a result of detecting a problem. It could be as simple as a dodgy wiring connection, alternatively it could be a faulty sensor, like a crank angle sensor, or it could be related to the EGR as you have heard. The only way to find the cause is to work through all the possibilities until you find it.

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Mazda waited a week for recall

Mazda waited a week for recall

13 Nov 2012 · by Joshua Dowling

Mazda’s slogan might be “zoom zoom” but it took seven days longer than Ford to announce an identical recall for a jammed throttle -- for a car made on the same production line.Mazda is recalling 26, ...

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Ford recalls close to 9000 SUVs

Ford recalls close to 9000 SUVs

5 Nov 2012 · by Stuart Martin

The Australian car maker has issued the safety recall for 8798 of its imported Escape - models with the 3-litre V6 with cruise control only - built between November 1st 2001 and February 1st 2006, ...

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Ford Escape 2006:: Air-con ruins fuel economy

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Feb 2011

The V6 Escape is renowned for its thirst, but a 35 per cent increase in consumption when you run the air con does seem excessive. Have the air-conditioning system checked to make sure it is charged, check the compressor to make sure it is not faulty, and have an air-con specialist check the whole system.

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Ford Escape 2007: Another cracked wheel

Answered by CarsGuide 23 Nov 2007

IN DEFENCE of Ford, it sometimes happens that an owner will hit a kerb or a hole in the road and damage the wheel, but they should check the wheel themselves to verify if the crack has been caused by driver error or not. That they dismissed your claim without checking isn't good enough, even if your car is out of warranty. It's even more disappointing that they have chosen not to act when the dealer supports your claim. If the dealer is prepared to make a report on its findings I would use it and pursue Ford for compensation.

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