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Fiat Freemont
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Fiat Freemont Pricing and Specs

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Year Price From Price To
2018 N/A N/A
2017 $16,400 $26,840
2016 $15,100 $25,300
2015 $12,800 $23,650
2014 $9,500 $22,660
2013 $8,200 $16,720

Fiat Freemont FAQs

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  • Fiat Freemont limp mode

    What probably happened is that there was a fault with a sensor on the engine that caused it to stop, but the system went into limp mode, which meant you could still drive the car at a much reduced speed. The dealer should be able to identify the cause of the problem from the onboard diagnostics and repair it. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will not happen again. Fiat is required to fix the problem with your car, but not to replace it. It would have to get to the situation in which they could not fix it for that to happen.

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  • Should I buy a 2013 Fiat Freemont?

    What you really need to know about the Fiat Freemont is that it’s essentially a Dodge Journey with a Fiat badge (and all that implies). The Dodge Journey itself is not very well regarded within the trade and there’s no reason to suggest the addition of a Fiat badge to it will change any of that.

    The major areas of concern are in the electrical and build quality departments, where both the Dodge and Fiat have their problems. Be especially careful to make sure that all the electrical gear works properly, including the stuff at the rear of the car such as the reversing camera, rear wiper and central locking. Poor design and assembly meant that the wiring at the rear of this car is suspect and prone to failure with a new wiring loom sometimes required to fix it. The Freemont was also recalled for a variety of major problems including a bearing-failure problem in the engine, engine bay fires, faulty cruise control and even a driver’s air-bag that could deploy without warning.

    Most workshops should be able to service the car, and any that doesn’t want to, clearly doesn’t want your money. The Freemont’s long-term running-cost forecast will have far more to do with what work needs to be carried out than anything to do with its fuel consumption. Frankly, there are better choices out there.

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  • Fiat Freemont 2013 or Toyota Kluger 2008: Which should I buy?

    Normally, I would recommend the Kluger, but with 225,000 km on the clock already it’s not so cut-and-dried. If the Kluger has a good service record and is in good condition then I still think I would go that way. The Freemont is more of a gamble in my view. Should you decide on the Freemont you shouldn’t have problems getting parts for it.

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