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Volkswagen Eos convertible 2011 review

A lovely engine to drive - strong, sounds great and even has an exhaust "pop" on the upchange to please you ears.

WE turn the spotlight on automotive's newest and brightest stars, as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. Ultimately, however, there is one question that really needs answering: would you buy one?

What is it?

This is Volkswagen's style-meister small coupe cabriolet complete this time around with a sunroof in the retractable hard top. Pretty clever stuff. It's version two of Eos with the new corporate VW style to front and rear and is arguably an even more handsome beast than the original model. Our drive car this time around is the 155kW 2.0 TSi turbo petrol model.

How much?

$51990 plus depending on what you specify. Satnav adds a hefty $2500 and the sports pack is $2600, but gauged against the direct competition, Eos is still an attractive proposition especially with the more powerful engine and six speed DSG manumatic as standard equipment.

What are the competitors?

You are looking at the stylistically challenged Peugeot 308CC, Renault's forgettable Megane Cabrio, possibly the Volvo C70.

What's under the bonnet?

This one gets the same underpinnings as the current Golf GTi, one of our favourites. It means a turbo petrol four pot with direct injection and a healthy 155kW/280Nm output. A lovely engine to drive - strong, sounds great and even has an exhaust "pop" on the upchange to please you ears.

How does it go?

Extremely well, not race car quick but sporty and satisfying. You don't need any more go than this in the real world. Strong off the mark and throughout the engine rev range. Accentuated by excellent six speed DSG but no wheel paddles to play with, just the stick shift in "S" mode.

Is it economical?

Impressive here too capable of returning 7.7-litres/100km in mixed driving, better again on a highway cruise.

Is it 'Green?'

Good - rated at four stars by the Australian Government's green car guide.

Is it safe?

First model was a four star car but this one has more safety stuff and would rate higher.

Is it comfortable?

Good, has leather as standard four seats plenty of luxury kit, dual climate control, Bluetooth phone and audio, rain sensing wipers auto headlights. Has an excellent audio, no electric seats though - they're optional. Roomy interior with the roof on, quickly retractable roof, decent boot even with roof off.

What's it like to drive?

A lot like the Golf GTi but not as sharp because it's heavier with a less sporty calibration. Fun to punt through the twisties though.

Is it value for money?

Pretty good compared with the competition. More features sweetens the deal this time around at $51,990.

Would we buy one?

We'd definitely consider the Eos but would wait and see what the new Golf cabrio soft top is like and how much it is first.

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