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Toyota recalls more than 1600 Prius hybrids

1,652 Prius hybrids are being recalled due to a potential brake fault that could result in reduced braking performance.

Toyota has issued a recall of the 2008-09 ZW30 third-generation Prius hybrid. The recall affects some 1,652 Australian models, and relates to a potentially faulty Brake Booster Pump Assembly --a key element of the car’s braking system.

The potential fault can result in a fatigue crack to the accumulator within the system, which could cause nitrogen gas to leak and result in a spongy or longer travel to the brake pedal. This could in turn increase stopping distances and the risk of collision.

The recall includes all Prius models within the VIN number range: JTDKN36U# 01000031 – 01092008 and JTDKN36U# 05000003 – 05076028, produced between October 2008 and October 2009.

Toyota will alert owners of the recall via mail, advising they visit their Toyota dealer for a free inspection of the relevant system. If necessary, the assembly will be replaced free of charge.