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The most powerful Prado ever! 2022 Toyota LandCruiser Prado to score thumping diesel V6 from LC300 - reports

The most powerful Prado ever! (image credit: Best Car Web)

Toyota is reportedly prepping the most powerful Prado ever for launch in August next year, with updated version of the super-popular SUV to adopt the thumping V6 diesel from the LandCruiser 300 Series.

It's a huge step up from the current (and ageing) Prado, of course, which is powered by a 2.8-litre turbo-diesel good for 150kW and 500Nm.

But if the reports – published in Japan's Best Car Web – prove accurate, then the new model, which is now mere months away, will be able to tap into the turbo-diesel power of the LC300's 3.3-litre V6, which makes a massive 227kW and 700Nm.

That's not just the most powerful Prado ever, then, but also the most powerful diesel engine that's ever lived inside any vehicle with a LandCruiser badge.

And that's just the start, with reports that the Prado, the LC300 and the HiLux will begin introducing electric diesel-hybrid technology from 2023. The technology is on the cards for Australia, too, with the brand's local General Manager of Product Planning and Development, Rod Ferguson, telling CarsGuide the brand was "actively considering" diesel-electric technology for its traditionally diesel-powered range.

"We know that some people are particularly wedded to diesel. Some farmers, for example, store diesel on their property, or it’s more accessible, or you’re in a region where you can’t have petrol," he says.

"There are definite reasons to consider both of those of those options, and we’re actively considering both of those options.

"It's technically feasible, and there are open discussions, definitely. It all comes back to our desire to driver down our C02 emissions."

What is unclear at this point is whether the Prado's diesel engine will be a de-tuned version of the LC300's, or whether it will match its big brother for grunt.

We do known the new Prado will share a version of Toyota's TNGA ladder-frame chassis, and will appear around the middle of next year.

So watch this space.