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SsangYong Korando Electric confirmed for Australia

The SsangYong Korando will form the basis of a fully electric model, due here in 2021.

The all-new SsangYong Korando mid-sized SUV will hit Aussie showrooms around August 2019, and within 18 months there will be a fully electric version on sale, too.

SsangYong has confirmed plans for the electric version of the SsangYong Korando to debut around September 2020 - likely at the Paris motor show - with a planned on-sale date in Australia not long afterwards.

But the company has also confirmed a 48-volt mild-hybrid version of the Korando, too. That model will likely make its international debut sometime in 2021, and details are scarce at this point in time.

What is clear is that SsangYong plans to introduce more advanced autonomous driving systems as it introduces this pairing of plug-reliant models, with a film shown at the Seoul motor show suggesting these versions will have Level 2.5 autonomous driving - where the driver will control most elements of the car, but the vehicle will be able to steer, accelerate, brake, park and also be summoned from a distance.

Full details are still to be confirmed by the brand, but the Korando-based EV is set to offer a claimed electric driving range of 400 kilometres, putting it close to what you’ll get from a Nissan Leaf or Hyundai Kona Electric.

You can expect the electric version of the Korando to be the most expensive version - pricing for the 2019 Korando range is yet to be confirmed, but the petrol front-wheel drive versions are likely to range between $28,000 and $35,000, while the diesel AWD model will likely top $40,000. A target price of about $60,000 for the Korando EV model doesn’t seem unreasonable, then.

If it launches on time, it could be one of the first mid-sized electric SUVs on the market in Australia, hitting the target for a broad range of buyers - many of which may never have considered a SsangYong.

But if we’ve learned anything from tech giants such as Samsung, Korea is a strong player when it comes to innovation in technology, so competitor brands best take note of this plucky small brand from the souther part of the peninsula.

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